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The Unknown Greats

NIRA Communications Agency is the producer of the musical project The Unknown Greats - a new approach to the European classical heritage through the expressions of jazz and pop culture.

The basis of the project is rarely performed works by great European composers, and the sparkling accents - popular songs of authors from their countries. Each piece sounds remarkably different and is perceived by audiences as an inspiring challenge to the usual patterns of presentation of both types of music.

Nina Lokmadzhieva gave name of the project and developed the conceptual and organizational framework. Searching activities are guided by the opera diva Boyka Vasileva and arrangements are made by the pianist and composer Stratsimir Pavlov. The incredible clarinetist-improviser Stoyan Royanov Ya-Ya line the modern pop inclusions and manager of the project is Svetla Velikova.

Boyka Vasileva is a respected Bulgarian mezzo-soprano – a soloist of Varna Opera Theatre with numerous international performances. She sets the solid classical base. You can read her creative biography here:

Stratsimir Pavlov is the arranger of the compositions and the link between two types of music. His artistic biography can be found here:

Stoyan Royanov Ya-Ya is one of the most popular club musicians in Bulgaria. His artistic biography can be found here:

The Unknown Greats project includes concerts named "Spanish Passion", "French Impression”, ''Italian Inspiration”, "Russian Troika" and subsequent programs dedicated to the musical heritage of other European countries.

"Spanish Passion" was first performed in late 2010 with great success to the audience of Varna, sea capital of Bulgaria. Rarely performed love songs by Bizet, as well as works by Manuel de Falla, Granodos, and Rodrigo Alvarez ignited the fans of music. The project was supported by the Municipality of Varna and the dedicated to the application of Varna for European Capital of Culture in 2019.
You can see reviews of "Spanish Passion" here:

The "French Impression" program will have its premiere in January 2012, also in Varna.

You can see reviews of The Unknown Greats here:

NIRA Communications Agency is also the producer of CDs with pieces from the project The Unknown Greats.


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